Because finding deeper connection to the wonders that surround us feeds the passion for exploration.

Looking to explore your family's heritage through small towns or major UNESCO heritage sites?

Want to find your inner peace and connection to the outdoors while hiking the pitons and indulging in hot mud baths?

What about a destination wedding where you and your loved ones can become one with the culture of your destination and lineage while unifying your personal connection as a couple and now family unit?

These are all just small examples of the important trips that Lotus Travel Concierge creates.

What Lotus Travel Concierge Stands For

We believe that all things have meaning - all things happen for a reason - and all paths lead us to where we are supposed to go. We work hard to ensure that all of our itineraries have pockets of time to explore for yourself. But we also put an immense amount of time, research and effort in to deliver our travelers with a trip that will meet and exceed their wildest expectations.

Explore - Cultivate - Learn - Discover - Express - Rejuvenate - Unwind - Connect

This is how we feel you should explore the world.

Since we opened our doors, we have dedicated ourselves to planning trips that provide our clients with beautiful memories for years to come. So whatever type of trip you’re dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our Process

The one thing that sets us apart the most is that we care deeply about you and your travel plans.
From the moment you contact our consultants, your journey to exploration begins. We will work with you from basic conception of an idea, all the way through your arrival home and reflection.
Not really sure where you should go or what to see? That’s exactly what we are here for. We will work with you to discover what you want out of your vacation and create a personalized plan for the process. Our worldwide connection and knowledge will ensure that you leave no rock unturned.
Never worked with a Travel Consultant before?
That’s OK! Our services are offered at no additional charge - adding value to your experience. We work with you from beginning to end as your one stop shop for all of your planning needs. We will plan, create, manage and deliver your ideal vacation experience.
All you have to do is show up and start exploring.



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