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Destination Weddings

Are you asking any of these questions?

Where do I honeymoon when our wedding is in paradise?

How do I choose my décor or menu when I don't live near my venue?

Do I get a hair and make up trial?

How do I get everyone there?

Can I keep this all in budget?

What destination do I pick?
What resort is best for both me and my guests?
Can I bring my own photographer?
Are Florals included?

The list goes on and on with questions that every Destination Wedding Bride asks - and we are here to tell you not to worry.

This is why you hire a Destination Wedding Planner to deal with all the details of your special day.

Just like you would with a Wedding Planner at home, our wedding specialists help you every step of the way. Just imagine getting so much more!

  • Source destinations and resorts

  • Pick vendors that have access to the resort

  • Design your décor and menu selections

  • Transportation/ flights for all of your guests

  • Create room blocks for your traveling guests

  • Plan rehearsal dinners

  • Coordinate group events with your family and friends

  • Provide strategic island or resort hopping

We can even provide on site coordination!

Just ask about our VIP Wedding Packages.

Your wedding day should be a day of joy and excitement.

Having a Destination Wedding Specialist work on the details means you get to simply envision your perfect day, and let us do all the work.


Our process starts with an initial wedding consultation. We will chat about the vision that you have for your wedding and gather preferences for everything from venue style, food, florals and décor to accommodation needs, venue size and on site activities. Now, that's not to say you need to have all of the answers - that's what we are here for! We love getting to know each and every one of our couples and being able to make their dream wedding a reality.



Deciding on a honeymoon destination can be put simply in one word: stressful.

Finding a destination that suits both of your needs, on what may very well be your first major vacation together isn't something that you want to take lightly. That's why we are here! To help you choose the best destination, resorts, and activities to match what you are both looking for. 

We will get all of your amenities redeemed, romantic moments booked, and ensure you have the individualized and spectacular moments that you would expect from the most romantic getaway of your life.

Besides, you have enough happening planning your wedding. Why add one more thing to your list?

Top Honeymoon Destinations

St Lucia




Bora Bora



Events & Groups

Gathering the masses can be difficult at times. Having a group coordinator in your corner allows you the luxury of knowing that your group getaway or retreat will go off without a hitch.

All you need to do? Show up!

Group coordinators can set up private dinners, reserve board rooms, hire speakers and specialists for your retreat, organize group activities, and timeline your entire event.

Both domestic and abroad, these are the groups that our coordinators have worked on in the past

Family Reunions

Class Reunions

Bachelorette / Bachelor Parties

Company Conferences and Trainings

Team Building

Wellness Retreats

Yoga on the Beach
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