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Stephanie Biegel

Founder / Senior Travel Advisor / Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist

Connection Travel isn’t exactly a commonly found area of expertise. But it’s something that so deeply resonates with Stephanie that it had to be explored.


Our goal at Lotus Travel Concierge is to help travelers find a deeper connection. Whether that be with themselves, their loved ones, their heritage or just their surroundings. We work our hardest to understand your need and match you with a perfectly planned itinerary deeply intertwined with meaning and purpose.


After 8 years working in the Event industry, specifically around weddings and social events, Stephanie realized that there was so much dedication to having the perfect event, that sometimes the true meaning behind the event got lost. It became more about meeting the social norms. After making the switch to the travel industry, she made it her purpose to ensure that there was always meaning behind every motion.

Since starting Lotus Travel Concierge, Stephanie has become an expert in the field. She has extensive destination training, as well as endless hours working with suppliers across the globe to ensure the perfect match is made for every one of her travelers.

Not only working on her own development, Stephanie works to train other new comers to the industry. To date, Stephanie has trained over 300 other travel advisors to meet their greatest potential and offer their guests the most amazing experiences they could imagine.


Karen Spence

Adventure & Leisure Travel Specialist

When you choose a Travel Agent to plan your special vacation, you want someone who you respect, who you trust, and who is passionate about what they do. These are key ingredients to building a strong, long lasting relationship with your own personal travel advisor who you can depend on to help book your perfect getaway over and over again. Karen’s experience as a massage therapist and a manager for a local band has taught how to build and maintain these relationships.


Planning the perfect vacations for her family over the years, down to the last detail, is something that Karen has always loved to do. Exploring different areas of the country, discovering fun and exciting activities, sights to see…you name it, she’s researched it. And LOVES doing it because every vacation should be a unique experience leaving you with stories to re-live and share over years to come. After her friends started asking her to do the same for them – Karen has finally decided to make a career helping other people create their ideal vacation. 

While Karen can plan any type of vacation, from fast paced to just relaxing by the pool, she loves working with the adventure-seeker looking for that next exhilarating destination. Things like taking in beautiful views on The Alaska Railroad, hiking through the U.S. National Parks, or biking through scenic Vermont or Italy-  just to name a few. She can even find hotels that are pet friendly if you want to bring your canine companion with you.

She loves bike riding, horseback riding, camping, hiking and traveling with her husband. She’s also an animal lover as can be seen by their 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 parrots! But most importantly, after only a few minutes of meeting her – you’ll realize Karen is a no-nonsense, “say it like it is” kind of girl with an exceptional sense of humor.

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Aubrey Gephart

Caribbean and European Specialist

During her time living in Germany for 3 years, Aubrey discovered a fire within herself to see the world and explore everything it has to offer. Specializing in travel throughout the Caribbean and Europe, she can’t wait to build the perfect itinerary for you. She especially loves working with families and couples, whether it be snorkeling in Belize, attending festivals in Germany, or snowboarding in Colorado.

Aubrey believes that every place you go is special no matter how close or how far from home you are. She is exceptional when it comes to organization and getting every detail of your trip perfect for your exact wants and needs. She will be hands-on, transparent, and flexible with you during every step of the way- so that every trip will be memorable for a lifetime.

When Aubrey isn’t working, she enjoys reading, camping, snorkeling, laying by the pool or beach, going to museums, learning about history and culture, and traveling with her husband and 1 year old daughter.


Brittany Shelton

Caribbean Specialist

Brittany is new to being a travel advisor, but she’s an old pro at traveling. Brittany was bitten by the travel bug on her first trip overseas when she was ten, and she’s been traveling ever since. Focusing on family and couple’s travel from the sandy shores of the Caribbean, to the slopes of Jackson Hole, and everything in between - she is excited to book your trip.

Brittany wants everyone to feel the same passion for traveling that she does, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make your dream vacation a reality.

When Brittany is not at work you'll find her cooking and being active outdoors with her husband, four-year-old son, crazy dogs, cats, and goats.

Want to go an a dream vacation but don’t know where to begin? Let me help - any destination can be a dream if it’s planned the right way!

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