The Lotus Movement

Why We Started The Lotus Travel Family of Brands

We get asked all the time, Why start a new host agency when there are already so many to choose from? The answer is simple really. We knew what we were looking for, but could never actually find it. We wanted a place where there could be a middle ground. Somewhere that you can get the business, sales and marketing training that is so lacking within the industry, while also having the opportunity to work in a smaller, family-style atmosphere.

So we decided to bridge the gap, and in that, Lotus Travel Network was formed.

You see, we loved the idea of being with a smaller family-owned company. We loved not being a number and the idea of being able to grow together. But we quickly realized that we were missing a big piece of the puzzle. You can very easily get supplier or destination training in this industry. There is no shortage of that type of material. But when you are new to the industry, or even experienced and trying to grow, there is a real breakdown when communicating the need for business-related training. How to run a business, what to outsource and what to keep in-house, the legal jargon necessary to understand, the accounting and bookkeeping you need to handle, how to create sales funnels, how to build marketing strategies, how to track growth… I really could go on and on.

So we went and looked at the Agencies that promoted these types of training. The ones that really focused on building you up as a business owner rather than focusing on the suppliers and promotions. But what we found with these, was that there was a major communication barrier. These were agencies with thousands of agents, and while there is nothing wrong with that, there was no personal touch. And that was what we loved about the smaller agencies.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to start a travel business. That goes for those selling travel, and for those hosting those that sell travel. So we wanted to fill a gap where we felt there could be a positive change brought to the industry. We developed a system that allows us to know each and every one of our agents. We can grow with them individually, and provide training, resources, and recommendations based on them as individual business owners, rather than geared towards the masses. We wanted to create mentorship programs where agents always had an open line of communication and honesty with us as their guides.

But we also didn’t want them to feel like they had to do things our way, or had to brand our way because we were a small agency. Hence where our flagship brands came into play. Now while we were selling travel primarily ourselves, we built and developed our own brands. So instead of forcing agents to come in under our brands to be able to get the best of both worlds, we gave them the option. The ability to brand themselves, or the ability to identify closely with our flagships. This opened us up to a world of possibilities. We are still able to work directly with each and every one of our agents to build the best version of their travel business, without pigeonholing them into something they may not be comfortable with.

We really feel like we created a win-win situation for everyone. Somewhere that anyone of any level could come and grow in a place where their travel business was our sole purpose. But also someplace where they could be a part of a larger community, grow together, but still, be the amazing individuals that they are.

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