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Cinco De Mayo - Tacos and Margaritas in Your Favorite Tourist Destinations

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Cinco De Mayo may or may not be the favorite holiday around the office here at LTC. Tacos and Margaritas - you literally can't go wrong! So we figured we would compile a list of the best Tacos and Margaritas we have had in some of your favorite travel destinations! Now remember, these aren't intended to be the best authentic representation of Mexican cuisine, we can make a list for that next, promise! This is how you kick that craving while traveling to more popular destinations.

Walt Disney World Resort - EPCOT Mexico Pavilion

We would be remis if we didn't start out with our local favorite - Tacos and Margaritas from the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT. Admittedly, I spend just about every Taco Tuesday in this pavilion, but Cinco De Mayo some how just makes it extra special. We typically head straight to Choza de Margarita outside of the pyramid and grab our 'usuals.'

My margarita of choice changes some days but typically I go between the Top Shelf Clasica or the Smoky Pineapple. The Clasica is the perfect refreshing margarita with blanco tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, agave and a hint of rose wine - but the Smoky Pineapple is great when you want to switch it up and add a bit of a kick to your day with Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur and Tajin Chile Lime Powdered Rim. I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering! To pair with my margarita I always get the Tacos de Cochinita - Citrus marinated pork, pickled red onions, mango habanero relish and a side of corn esquites - I'll be right back, cause I don't think I can write this without getting it!

My husband usually gets a frozen margarita of some sort - it's not quite my style but he insists they are amazing! The Fiesta has been his go to lately becuase it combines the Mango, Strawberry and Lime flavors in one cup, so no decisions need to be made. His meal is the Empanada de Barbacoa - Barbacoa beef empanadas topped with chipotle sauce, crema Mexicana and queso fresco.

Sorry but not sorry - this is a MUST STOP option if you are heading to Walt Disney World and like good, quick Mexican snacks.

choza de margarita Epcot mexico tacos

All Inclusive Resorts - Margaritaville Island Reserve - Riviera Maya and Rivera Cancun

I have three words for you - Floating. Taco. Bar.

Now, we know, when you're in Mexico there are a million and one other options that are truly authentic and amazing. But Margaritaville is actually a top pick for a lot of our travelers, adults and families alike. Plus, not only is the floating taco bar delicious, but it's a pretty fun activity as well! No need to leave the pool, just order ahead and have lunch floating in your direction to build and experiment with flavors on your own.

Now if the floating tacos isn't your thing, we totally get it. Just head on over to Rita's Taco House where you can grab authentic tacos, watch mariachi bands and do tequila tastings all night long! They even have some fun "funky taco" options and more mainstream Nacho Towers for those a bit less adventurous.

After indulging in endless taco options, head over to Blended where you literally need to work for your margarita. I don't know about you, but I feel much less guilty about eating 3, 4, 10 (shh yes I know!) tacos when I blend my own margarita on a stationary bike. Plus it's fun and always makes for a great story!

Cruising - Virgin Voyages - Pink Agave

Virgin Voyages really is the perfect foodie cruise all around, especially if you're looking for an adult only cruising option. Win - win, right? So it's no surprise that the Street Corn and Tacos De Chocolate made with Mexican chocolate, canela (that's cinnamon!), and dulce de leche make our list of the best tourist destination Tacos! Head over to Sip for the best margarita on board. Made with your choice of tequila (I prefer Patrón), fresh squeezed lime, triple sec, and rimmed with what I thought was the best part, smoked salt!

Now here's the kicker with Virgin Voyages - there are no upcharges for specialty dining experiences! So you can enjoy as many Choco Tacos as you would like.

Virgin Voyages Pink Agave Street Corn Choco Taco

So, now that we've fired up your taste buds (and ours) head out to those touristy destinations with the family and enjoy all that mainstream tourism has to offer, knowing that you won't ever go hungry on our watch!

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